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Prices are expressed in EURO (€). Payment information should be sent upon confirmation of your order (PayPal invoice). All prices expressed on our pages are for ribbons shown on the pictures. Prices depends of quantity and type of ribbon.


#FR001 – France replacement ribbon
#SOFR001 – Special Offer France original ribbon
#ORFR001 – Original France ribbon
#MFR001 – Miniature France original ribbon


We are producing only bows and rosettes for sashes. Rosettes are in two sizes – 60 and 65 mm. The standard length of the sash is 180 cm (2 x 90). If you need a sash to wear please inform us and we will make a 200 cm. long sash. The length of the neck ribbon is 40 cm, without narrower ribbons for fixing.

Grand Cross sash: 100.00€
Grand Officer neck ribbon (50-55mm): 20.00€ – 25.00€
Commander neck ribbon (40mm): 20.00€ – 25.00€
Officer & Knight ribbons: 4.00 – 6.00€

Prices for larger quantities:

Grand Cross sash, purchase price: 100.00€
10% discount for 5 – 9 pieces
15% discount for 10 or larger quantity (only bank money transfer)

Grand Officer neck ribbon (50-55mm), purchase price: 20.00€ – 25.00€
Commander neck ribbon (40mm), purchase price: 20.00€ – 25.00€
10% for 5 – 9 pieces
15% for 10 – 19 pieces
20% for 20 or larger quantity

Officer & Knight ribbons, purchase price: 4.00 – 6.00€
10% for 10 – 29 pieces
15% for 30 – 49 pieces
20% for 50 – 99 pieces
25% for 100 or larger quantity

Afore mentioned discounts are not valid for original ribbons (limited quantity) miniature ribbons, special offer and ebay. Prices are not covering shipping costs, they will be charged separately.

Payment methods:

Wire transfer (bank money transfer) IBAN/BIC

Buyer has to pay the actual cost of shipping. The package will be sent within the next 2-3 days after receiving payment. No extra costs for packaging will be charged. All packages will be sent by registered air mail. For all further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, you will receive an answer as fast as possible.

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